SOPs, project management, system, workflow and tool implementation
Outsourcing, team management, task assignment

Project & Team Management

Podcast editing and posting
Youtube management, social media assistance
Scheduling, DM management

Social Media & Podcast

Website updates, course updates, funnel/email management
Admin organisation, Canva designs workbooks and pdfs, email management
Client support, PA services


Congratulations on taking the first step to streamline and grow your business! I'm here to assist you in making your business more efficient and successful. Whether you need more time or want to elevate your business, I've got you covered.

We'll work together to pinpoint areas for outsourcing and create a tailored plan for your business. I'm dedicated to supporting you through every stage, from identifying needs to implementing efficient systems. Let's start taking your business to the next level!

Events & Webinars

Live event support, technical setup and troubleshooting
Chat & Q&A management, after event support

Executive Virtual Assistance

Starting at just £280, you can secure retainer hours ranging from 10 to 80 per month.

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Brands I Have Supported

I've been working with Kimberley for nearly a year now. She's been absolutely fantastic and I'd be convinced that's she's actually a productivity robot had I not seen her on a Zoom call. Paying suppliers is all about getting value and Kimberley over-delivers.

If you're looking for someone who is SUPER organised and gets on with the tasks at hand then Kimberley is the VA you need. She's saved me time, allowed me to launch new projects and ultimately sped up my business' progress significantly.
I'm in a far better place now than if I'd let my superman syndrome continue for another year without her. If you're on the fence, just do it!
Highly recommend.

Marketing & TikTok Expert

Will Bower

Katerina Erbesova

I hired Kim to help me get my launch prep done. She has been INCREDIBLE!

I can't recommend her more. When you work with Kim, you know that everything is possible. She always finds a way to support you and your business. Her knowledge goes beyond, you don't have to worry about teaching her anything because she knows her stuff, and she learns what she doesn't know.

I trust Kim as I don't trust many VAs in the industry, and would recommend her to anyone who needs a VA magician!

Social Meida Manager

Nadine Burton

Kim is the best VA I have ever worked with!
She is organized, think with and for you to make your life as easy as possible.

In the past, I wouldn't 100% trust anyone with my business but with Kim it's different. She is taking care of everything and never has to be asked twice - it's just done. She has also a great way to communicate with other people, writes excellent copy, and always brings in new ideas for the business.

Working with Kim is truly amazing and I can only recommend her!

Social  media Expert & Coach

Kim is absolutely incredible.

Second to NONE.

She was immediately dedicated and connected to the intricacies of my business, she knew what I needed before I did! I relied on Kim so much to help me figure out how to prepare my business for growth and the delegation of tasks.

Kim was my very first Virtual Assistant and she will be my LAST and ONLY VA as long as she will have me!

Elizabeth Ortiz

Graphic Designer

Kim helped me and my business partner with an online event launch and we couldn’t choose a better person who would support us!

She is very organised, reliable and she did an amazing job helping us with many different VA tasks. Kim goes above and beyond to ensure her clients feel empowered and supported.

She also comes up with a lot of creative ideas and gives a good constructive feedback. I would 100% recommend Kim to anyone who is looking for an amazing VA! 

Erika Simkova

Business coach

Have you ever wished to have someone who could read your mind and do things as well as you do?
That's right; this is my definition of Kim.

She's highly organised, and for me is still a mystery how she manages to get everything done.
I love that she's excellent at async communication; in 5 months, we have met through zoom only once (the kick-off call), which tells you how efficiently we work just through Slack and Asana.

She's very tech-savvy, which makes my life easier because she knows how to automate everything (even the stuff you don't even know can be automated).
I highly recommend working with her if you're looking to scale your business and simplify your admin work.

Lo Acosta

Fitness business coach

Kim is absolutely fantastic to work with! When I hired her, I told her I was looking for someone independent who would not only be self led but also sometimes manage me :)

Kim has been doing just that! She is incredibly efficient and independent and can even see my own blind spots. She has helped my business grow immensely and I don't know where I'd be without her!

Marina Y.T

Somatic Leadership Coach

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